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Spike and Wave Diagnostics


Spike & Wave

Offers the first of its kind network of remote EEG reading services in India.

Our services include reporting of routine and emergency EEG, ambultory home-based EEG, Emergency ICU EEG and long-term video EEG studies.

Our team of certified Epileptologists can precisely interpret EEG changes that may reflect seizures or other causes for brain dysfunction. We offer a real-time quick EEG reading solution that can enable quicker decisions on patient management to ensure better outcomes.

Passionate Experts

We are a team of Neurologists and certified Epileptologists.
We are available 24*7 for expert opinion. Ready and happy to serve you.
Spike and wave 2nd opinion.

Have u recently done yours or your loved ones EEG?

  • Our opinion is FREE, you are paying for our TIME.
  • Do you want a 2nd opinion of yours or your loved ones EEG/VEEG?
  • We offer re evaluation of your EEG/VEEG by two certified epileptologist.
  • Reports will be sent within 24 hours.
  • Expert opinion at the comfort of your home.
  • Rs. 999 only. (Verified by two certified epileptologists)
  • Login, upload the EEG and get the report.
  • Happy to serve you.

Spike & Wave 2nd opinion

EEG and VEEG will be re-evaluated by two certified Epileptologists and report will be sent via email/WhatsApp with in 24 hours.

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